Recent Projects

Ezi-Duct supplies modular ducting for fume and steam removal for carpet manufacturer

Leading NSW-based Joinery behind iconic Australia fitouts has installed Ezi-Ducts dust extraction system.

Ezi-Duct’s installs new Custom Dust Collection System for a leading Australian garden products supplier

ECono 6000C Dust Collector installed at Melbourne Cabinet maker

Kitchen & Cabinet Joinery upgrading their system to Ezi-Duct.

Ezi-Arm Fume Arms cleans the air for North Queensland Fabricator

The best Dust Collector for Qld Men's Shed

Ezi-Duct installs Dust Collector Collecting Aluminium waste in new Dandenong factory

Ezi-Duct helps Sydney Manufacturer let off some steam

Large High Vacuum System Installed in New Western Sydney Based Pharmaceutical Plant

Large Dust Collection System Installed in New Sydney Based Pharmaceutical Plant

Ezi-Duct Food Grade Arms installed for Dust Collection System in New Sydney Based Pharmaceutical Plant

Once again Ezi-Duct will be exhibiting at the National Manufacturing Exhibition 2017

70 year old Aussie Manufacturer upgrades to the Ezi-Arm for their Welding fume extraction

Plastic Recycler Uses Ezi-Duct For Fume & Steam Extraction System

Sydney Recycling Company Uses Ezi-Duct For Steam Extraction System

Sydney Marine Survival Products Manufacturer Uses Ezi-Duct For Extraction System

Elevator company gives their factory's air quality a lift with Ezi-Duct's equipment

Sydney Kitchen Manufacturer Uses Ezi-Duct For Timber Saw Dust Extraction System

Dust Extraction Manifold installed on Australia's largest Edgebander in Sydney Kitchen Manufacturer

Dust Extraction Manifold installed on New Homag Edgebander in Sydney Kitchen Manufacturer

Dust Collection & Fume Extraction System installed in Sydney based cleaning products Manufacturer

Carpet manufacture located in South West Sydney installs Ezi-Duct Rotary Separator system that separates the dust from the carpet fiber while they recycling old carpet tiles.

Ezi-Duct displays it's products at AHR Exhibition 2017, Las Vegas USA

Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting and Flexible Ducting collecting dust on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Ezi-Duct supplies a Reverse Pulse Dust Collection System to a NSW Boot Manufacturer

Ezi-Duct releases another new Australian Designed and Manufactured Dust Collector. The eCono 6000 C

Ezi-Duct supplies an energy saving 45 kW reverse pulse Dust Collection System to Western Sydney kitchen manufacturer

Ezi-Duct supplies an EXE Fume Extraction System for hazardous vapours

Ezi-Duct supplies 20 x 150 mm dia. Electric Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reels for 2 Melbourne Bus Depots

Ezi-Duct updates its Sydney warehouse

Ezi-Duct new eCono 8000 Dust Collector Installed in Sydney's Northern Beaches Joinery

Ezi-Duct's new eCono 12000 HRVP Dust Collector Installed in Victorian Kitchen Manufacturer

Ezi-Duct has opened its 3rd Australian manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Queensland

Ezi-Duct wins a 2016 Buyers Choice award from Machines 4U

Ezi-Duct / Polex eCompact Dust Collectors continues to set the standard for schools woodworking rooms dust extraction

Ezi-Duct supplies large turn key Dust Collection and HVAC Systems for new Sydney Pharmaceutical Plant

Ezi-Duct sets up 2nd factory in Dandenong Victoria manufacturing Australia's best Dust Collection &Fume Extraction products

Dust Collection System by Ezi-Duct Helps clean the air for Queensland based Cabinet Maker

Queensland based World Leader in steel fabricated piling & foundation systems installs a new Ezi-Duct Welding Fume Extraction System

New highly efficient Dust Extraction System for Broulee Catholic High School Provided by Ezi-Duct

New custom designed Dust Extraction System for Central Coast Podiatry Practice provided by Ezi-Duct

Dust Collection Made Ezi for Cootamundra Catholic High Schoo

Victorian Joinery works Uses Ezi-Duct Modular Steel Ducting and Ezi-Flex Flexible Ducting for new timber wide belt sanding machine

Custom Designed Dust Collection System Made by Ezi-Duct for NSW High School

Ezi-Duct releases new range of Aussie designed portable fume & dust collectors at the National Manufacturing Week 2015 in Melbourne

Young Catholic High School has Ezi-Duct install a new high efficiency Dust Collection System

Ezi-Duct Modular Steel Ducting System Used for Victorian Coffee Roaster

Temora Catholic High School Installs a new high efficiency Dust Collection System

Melbourne timber processor uses Ezi-Duct to custom manufacture ducting manifold and supply Ezi-Duct Modular Steel Ducting for a new 6 head timber molder.

Ezi-Duct keeps the air clean at Tumut Catholic High School by Installing a new high efficiency Dust Collection System

Parramatta Council installs a new Ezi-Duct Self cleaning Dust Collection System

New Victorian copper recycling plant installs Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting System

Ezi-Duct supplies 1000's of mtrs of it's 500 mm dia. Modular Ducting and Flexible Ducting to the Sydney Harbour Bridge used for Dust Collection

Ezi-Duct supplies Arms for Welding Fume Extraction & Custom Mobile Hoods

Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting used for HVAC system in Fiberglass Factory located in Melbourne

Ezi-Duct supplies an eCono 4000 self cleaning Dust Collector with Ducting into Melbourne based manufacturer of solid timber industry

Ezi-Duct Installed at Barrett Burston silo ventilation project

Ezi-Duct eCono 6000 Self Cleaning Dust Collecter - Installed at Kitchen Manufacturer in Sydney's Western Suburbs

Ezi-Duct installing 2 large Dust Collectors into one of Australia's largest Joinery Works

Ezi-Duct at the 2014 AWISA Exhibition Brisbane Exhibition center

Ezi-Duct moves to a new and much larger Melbourne base

Ezi-Duct featured in the Australian Timber Magazine

Ezi-Duct getting ready for the AWISA Exhibition 2014 Brisbane Exhibition Centre

Econo 3000 / 4000 / 6000 Dust Collectors with a "Wheelie Bin" Is proving to be a popular choice with customers

Ezi-Duct once again Exhibits at National Manufacturing Week 2014

ECompact 3000 self cleaning Dust Collector installed at Victorian Packaging materials manufacture

Large Energy Efficient Dust Extraction System installed in NSW South Coast joinery works.

Ezi-Duct invests in its Auburn factory with updated and additional machinery

New and Improved Polex MDC S Self Cleaning Shaker Dust Collector

Energy efficient Reverse Pulse Dust Collection System installed at Central Coast Door Manufacture

Money Saving Dust Collection System iinstalled at Lambert Kitchens Factory on the NSW South Coast

Ezi-Duct Roof Fans installed at new recycling plant in Sydney's west

National Manufacturing Week 2013 was a great success for Ezi-Duct

Joe Stellino joins the Ezi-Duct Team

Latest In the tube news August 2013

Ezi-Duct supplies Modular and Flexible Ducting for Dust Collection System at Cabramatta High School

Ezi-Duct supplies Modular Ducting and Ezi-Arms Fume Arms for Dubbo Technical Trade Centre

One of Australia's oldest joinery company Stoddart's Joinery self installs new Dust Collection System.

Ezi_Duct supplies Ducting and Fume Arms for 4 x Fume Extraction and Dust Extraction Systems in Mackay Coal testing facility

Chris Monti Appointed Ezi-Duct Southern Sydney / NSW Area Sales Manager

David Waghorn Appointed National Sales Manager for Eziduct

Stuart Brown, New manager for Ezi-Duct Queensland

Ezi-Duct opens New Queensland Branch at Cooper Plains

Paul de Villers, Sales Manager for Ezi-Duct Victoria

Ezi-Duct has new Melbourne Premises

Newsletter - "In the tube"

Ezi-Duct in the tube

Ezi-Duct supplies 316 Stainless Steel Ducting for Water Treatment project

BMA Installs Ezi-Duct fume extraction system as the solution for their pollution

Ezi-Duct Modular Steel Ducting used in PCA Furniture factory.

Ezi-Duct Modular Steel Ducting installed for dust collection for high capacity wide-belt sander

Ezi-Duct & Polex help a large Aluminum smelter save costs with their new duct extraction system

Ezi-Duct will be at National Manufacturing Week 2010 (19-Mar-2010)

Another sweet job for Ezi-Duct (18-Mar-2010)

World Tour for a world leader in the field of industrial flexible ducting & industrial hoses (16-Mar-20100)

Dunlop self installs Ezi-Duct Sealed Pneumatic Slide Dampers for Pneumatic conveying System (06-Oct-09)

Almax installs Ezi-Duct extraction system at BatteryEnergy for lead dust removal. (06-Oct-09)

Leading Edge Kitchens self installs the leading ducting & saves big $$$$$$$ (27-May-09)

Ezi-Arms installed in Lake Macquarie Council soil testing laboratory (27-05-09)

Ezi-Duct Pty Ltd is proud to release a new 32 page product catalogue (27-May-09)

Ezi-Duct releases a new range of pneumatic sealed slide dampers (27-May-09)

Ezi-Duct Pty Ltd is delighted to release a new range of Sealed Slide Dampers (27-May-09)

Ezi-Duct supplies a dust collecting system to a Glue manufacture (17-Feb-09)

Sara Jane Furniture do a fantastic job self installing Ezi-Duct modular ducting & save big $$$ <13-Feb-09)

Ezi-Duct supplies a pneumatic conveying system to a Chemical manufacture.(11-Feb-09)

Lake Maquarie Council save $$$ by self installing Ezi-Duct Dust Collection System (11-Feb-09)

Ezi Job for Hardman Joinery by self installing Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting (11-Feb-09)

Ezi-Duct supplies paper trim collection system. (10-Feb-09)

Ezi-Duct & Ezi-Flex installed for 12 head Weinig Molder (10-Feb-09)

Ezi-Duct & ADC supply Dust Collection System at Plastic Manufacturer (10-Feb-09)

Ezi-Duct Releases The "EZI ARM" Fume Arm (2-Feb-2009)

Ezi-Duct Pty Ltd Releases New Catalogue (26-Nov-2007)

Ezi-Duct Helps to Eliminate Waste (10-Jul-2007)

Ezi-Duct installs ducting at the Sydney Harbour Bridge (28-Jun-2007)

Ezi-Duct installed for Odour Control at Meat Processing Plant (28-Feb-2007)

Ezi-Duct Releases New Range of Roof Ventilators (27-Feb-2007)

Back to School for Ezi-Duct (26-Feb-2007)

A Sweet Job for Ezi-Duct & Almax (23-Feb-2007)

Ezi-Duct launches a new range of portable ventilators (21-Feb-2007)

Ezi-Duct releases a new range of Cast rotary valves (20-Feb-2007)

Ezi-Duct introduces new range of Diverter Valves (15-Feb-2007)

Ezi-Duct moves to a new premises (15-Feb-2007)

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