Ezi-Duct supplies paper trim collection system.

Paper Trim Collection SystemEzi-Duct Pty Ltd , one of the leading suppliers in dust collection, pollution control, fume extraction and pneumatic conveying equipment in Australia supplied a paper trim collection system to a large Sydney printing works.

Ezi-Duct Pty Ltd supplied an industrial centrifugal fan, modular ducting an an engineered collection hood.The System was installed by All Repairs & Maintenance.

Allen of All Repairs & Maintenance, said "Ezi-Duct modular ducting was so quick and easy to install that it cut down considerably on the installation time"

Paper trim systems can frequently block up so the advantage for the printing company is also long term.

As Ezi-Duct ducting simply clamps together, the customer can easily pull the system apart if a blockage occurs or for cleaning . Ezi-Duct ducting also provides the best air flow of any duct on the market and is the natural choice as it has a smooth bore tube with pressed 90º bends.

Wayne Dockrill of Ezi-Duct said “Ezi-Duct has offices and agents that service all of Australia and can provide helpful free advise to customers who wish to modify ,or design and install a trim system or dust or fume collection system". Ezi –Duct carries a large range of products ex-stock at our Auburn manufacturing plant and warehouse .Ezi –Duct also has an office and warehouse in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong.

Ezi-Duct manufactures its ducting in Australia from Australian steel and supplies a huge range of ducting and ducting clamps, in galvanised, stainless steel and mild steel.

Ezi-Duct also provides many other products such as:

  • The largest range of flexible ducting
  • Ezi-arm fume arms & fans
  • A large range of high quality industrial and commercial fans
  • Rotary valves in both cast and fabricated types
  • Dust collectors and filters
  • A large range of filter cartridges

10 February 2009

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