Rotary Valves

Rotary valve are used as an airlock feeder valve at the bottom of pressurised vessels ( both negative & positive )such as dust collectors, cyclones & hoppers. Rotary valves are used for wood dust & shavings, paper, animal feed and cereals, plastics and many other free flowing products.

They are fabricated in 3mm black plate and painted and have a rotational speed of 20 rpm. Rotary Valves have 6blades with rubber tips and have a bearing at one end and a gear box & motor mounted directly on the other end.The approximate capacity of a rotary valve is calculated at 50% full when used under dust collectors, cyclones etc.When used as a rotary feeder under hoppers, the rate can be increased to 80-90% of total capacity.

Rotary Valves Rotary Valves Diagram
Rotary Valves table


The Ezi-Duct cast iron rotary valve has internally machined surfaces that permit free movement of the impeller whilst maintaining an airtight seal. Operating Principle Product is fed through the square inlet opening and is moved through an airlock by a rotating impeller, and discharged on the opposite side. Construction Cast iron, with machined internal surface.

Cast Iron Rotary Valves Cast Iron Rotary Valves Diagram Cast Iron Rotary Valves Table

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