HVAC Systems


The High Vacuum Reverse-Pulse Bag Filter series is a robust and efficient range of dust collectors with high negative pressure.

These systems are ideally suited to high vacuum continuous operation such as Pneumatic conveying systems, Industrial centrally ducted vacuum systems.

They are also suitable for a range of applications

The units are available in Stainless Steel for food , pharmaceutical & Laboratory applications.

Polluted air enters through the hopper and is directed through the array of tubular filters. Tubular filters permit reliable dust release.

Larger particles drop out into the hopper while lighter and finer particles continue to the array of filters. The cleaned air is then discharged to atmosphere or through discharge ductwork.

The HVAC units filters are cleaned with a reserve pulse of compressed air. Compressed air is ejected through a series of solenoid valves which travel through each row of filters. The air causes the dust to fall off the filters and collect in the bin below.

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