Schools, Tafe Colleges and Universities

Schools Dust Extraction

Over the last 20 years Ezi-Duct has carried out hundreds of projects in Schools, TAFE Colleges , Universities, Welding Schools, Men's Sheds and other Training facilities suppling its Dust Collection & Fume Extraction equipment for air filtration.

Our products are energy efficient, easy to operate and provide exceptional performance.

Ezi-Ducts products are designed and manufactured with decades of industry experience. Ezi-Duct and its associated company Polex Environmental Engineering employ many qualified Australian engineers & trades people to ensure our equipment is the best available.

In our 20th year of trading we are very proud to be Australia's leading & largest company in the field of Dust Collection and Fume Extraction equipment.

When dealing direct with the designer & manufacture our clients also enjoy large savings buying the best value equipment for money on the market.

We have the best air filtration equipment available for the following applications

Saw Duct Extraction Systems

All our Dust Collectors offer fully automatic self cleaning filter bags made from top quality filter medium. The Dust Collectors can be placed out doors or can be disassembled to fit into small plant rooms. We also manufacture modular ducting with the best airflow on the market. It can also be pulled apart if blocked.

All other components required are also supplied by us including top quality PU flexible ducting and we can fabricate any hoods that are required for the machines connections.

Ezi-Duct offers the total solution.

Schools Dust Collection
ECono4000 with Wheelie bin left, ECompact 6000 with twin Wheelie bins right
Schools Dust Collection
MDC 18000 S with Rotary Valve on the left, inside classroom on the right
School Dust Extraction Schools Fume Extraction

Welding and other Fume Extraction

We offer several types of Ezi-Arm Fume arms, 3 models of eMission Control portable extraction units . We also offer fixed fume extraction systems & self cleaning filtration systems.

Fume Extraction Arms Fume Extraction Arms Carbon Filter Extraction Dust and Fume Extraction

Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reels

We offer a range of electric vehicle hose reels and carry the replacement high temperature crush proof flexible ducting

Vehicle Exhaust Fume Hose Reels Vehicle Exhaust Fume Hose Reels

Laboratory Fume and Dust extraction

We carry a range of equipment and manufacture scrubbers for harmful & corrosive fume

Laboratory Fume and Dust Extraction

Laboratory of NSW University left, Soil Testing Laboratory right

Energy Saving Features

Eco Gate (electric Shut off Gate)

VSD (Controls Power Energy usage of the fan)

High Efficiency Fan (40 - 50% more suction for the same power usage)

Buy Australian Manufactured Goods

If we as a nation will not support our local manufactures then the Australian manufacturing industry will be doomed. Australia will loose 1000's of skilled jobs such as tradesman and engineers.And as Australian Manufactuerers it would be hypocritical for us not to buy Australian. We must support one another to ensure our survival.