Air Filtration for Hospitals

ULPA Air Filter

Reduce risk of viruses being spread
Continuously extract and filter air and reduce the risk of potentially contaminated air.

Assist HVAC systems
Assist existing HVAC systems and to avoid recirculating air between rooms.

Minimise contaminated PPE
One of the highest-risk activities is the removal of contaminated PPE for Health care workers treating infected patients.

Having an additional filter to purify surrounding air and not just the air being breathed may reduce the amount of contamination of PPE and other objects and surfaces in the vicinity.


General hospitals Temporary hospitals Medical centres
Operating theatres Patient treatment rooms Chemists / Pharmacies
Schools and universities Childcare centres Retirement homes
Shopping malls Service stations Centrelink centres
Clubs and bars Restaurants Cafes
Banks Post offices Offices
Cinemas Waiting rooms Medicare centres

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