MDC Dust Collector

Dust Collector MDC Dust Collector MDC Dust Collector MDC

Ezi-Duct is very proud to supply & manufacture the MDC range of Dust Collectors.

The MDC Dust Collector has been designed to be the best Dust Collection System on the world market.

The MDC has been engineered & designed in Australia by a 100% Australian team with decades of industry experience. It's designed to meet Australia's strict OHS and clean air / environmental regulations.

All the MDC range (modular dust collector) are fitted with top quality filter bag medium or filter cartridges, that are automatically cleaned with either a vibration (shaker) system or a compressed air reverse pulse system.

Dust Collector MDC Dust Collector MDC Dust Collector MDC

This ensures that the dust collector units are operating at maximum efficiency saving energy.

The automatic cleaning systems are controlled by a PLC fitted into a control panel supplied with the unit.

A VSD or variable speed drive ( optional ) can also be fitted into the control panel supplied with the dust collector unit.

The VSD will save considerable energy costs.

The VSD is controlled by a pressure transducer fitted in the systems ducting that signals the VSD to automatically lower the power consumption of the fan when machines connected to the dust collection system are shut off.

This helps ensure MDC dust collection units are very energy efficient.

The MDC dust collectors are fitted with Rotary Vales ( air lock valves ) than enable customers to empty or change the units Waste bin or bins without turning the unit off & shutting the dust collection system down. This enables the factory to continue running saving you labour & downtown costs.

The MDC are available in 3 basic types of units with models to cover all applications

  • MDC S are dust collectors with filter bags automatically cleaned by vibration / shaker system when ever the unit is turned off

  • MDC P are dust collectors with filter bags automatically cleaned continuously by compressed air / reserve pulse system.

  • MDC PC are dust collectors wit filter cartridges automatically cleaned continuously by compressed air / reserve pulse system.

The MDC dust collectors capacity range is huge with models from 4000 m3/h to 250,000 m3/h

Other options also include

  • Stainless Steel models
  • Custom painted models
  • Explosion Proof models for hazardous areas

Other great MDC features include

  • Heavy duty steel construction made from corrosion resistant galvanized steel.
  • High efficiency fan 40% - 50% more suction for same energy usage
  • All MDC dust collection units Work under negative pressure so no waste passes through the fan ie: Wood chips & blocks or other solid items may cause damage to fans impeller.
  • The Modular design of the MDC Dust Collector enables additional modules can be added to increase the dust collectors filter area capacity.

Please contact Ezi-Duct for a dust collection specialist to visit your organization to find the best & most economic solution for you.

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