Ezi-Duct supply the Polex range of particulate scrubbers

Scrubbers are designed for the filtering of contaminated air, fumes, smoke & fine dust.

The polluted air first enters the scrubber through a 90 deg bend and is intercepted by an array of water droplets. The air is accelerated as it enters the scrubber by a venturi plate to increase the number of collisions with the water droplets. Water is recirculated from the water tank to the spray jets. Some of the particles drop out into the water tank below at this stage. The remainder of the combined air-water mixture travels through to the perforated baffle. The water that passes through here produces a dam of water which acts as another stage of filtration. Finally, the air-water mixture enters a mist eliminator to remove any moisture present in the air stream. Sludge forms in the collection tank below.

Scrubbers are constructed out of fully welded Stainless steel sheetmetal.

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