Ezi-Duct stocks and custom builds a large range of industrial, heavy duty Fans suitable for many applications.

Ex-Stock Fan range 0.75 kW, 1.5 kW, 3.0 kW, 4.0 kW, 7.5 kW, 11.0 kW, 15.0 kW 18.5 kW, 22. KW 30.0 kW, 45.0 kW

Fans are also custom built to suit our customers exact requirements. Ezi-Duct Fans are manufactured from mild steel plate then painted. Fans can be hot dipped, galvanised or manufactured from stainless steel on request.

We carry ex stock a large range of industrial quality, high efficiency centrifugal fans.

High Efficiency Fan 45 kW

High Efficiency Fan 22.5 kW, High Efficiency Fan 15 kW

High Efficiency Fan with Modular Ducting

Ezi-Duct stocks dozens of industrial quality high efficiency
fans in Sydney and Melbourne in Brisbane

Fans can also be fitted with flame or explosion proof motors. Please call us with your requirements for a quotation.

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