David Waghorn Appointed National Sales Manager for Eziduct

David Waghorn national sales manager for Ezi-Duct

Ezi-Duct has great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Mr. David Waghorn in the position of National Sales Manager for Ezi-Duct.

David has had nearly two decades of experience working in varied sectors of the ducting, dust and fume extraction / pneumatic conveying industry. He will be based in the Sydney office but will travel regularly to the Brisbane and Melbourne brances of Ezi-Duct. David's attitude to customer service is second to none and he believes very strongly that the Ezi-Duct product range is the best on the market. David lives in Sydney suburb of Epping with his wife and 2 children.

Wayne Dockrill, managing director of Ezi-Duct said "David will be a great asset to our company and to the company's customers. He is a very energetic and positive person who is extrememly helpful to our customers and staff. David has had many years of varied experience in our industry and will bring many new innovations to Ezi-Duct."

Even though times are tough Ezi-Duct has been expanding over the last year and moved into a new larger premises in Melbourne and opened a new branch in Brisbane.

Both facilities are stocking all of Ezi-Ducts range of Galvanised steel modular ducting, pressed bends, ducting clamps, dampers and all of the other Ezi-Duct ductig components.

8 February 2012

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