Dust Collection System by Ezi-Duct Helps clean the air for Queensland based Cabinet Maker

Ezi-Duct recently supplied a cabinet maker based in the Brisbane area a new Dust Extraction System. Included in the supply was an eCono 6000 Dust Collector together with the Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting system and Ezi-Flex Flexible Ducting. Woodworking machinery connected to the system included a CNC Router, an Edgebander and a Panel Saw.

The eCono 6000 Dust Collector is the best value for money Dust Collector on the market. It has a powerful 7.5kW high efficiency fan that provides suction of over 6000 m3/h @ 2500 pa. The eCono Dust Collectors 25 top quality filter bags are automatically cleaned every time the unit is switched off. Waste wood dust can be stored in 4 collection bags or deposited directly into a “wheelie bin”. The eCono range of Dust Collectors are proudly Australian Designed and Australian made by Ezi-Duct. 6 different models of the eCono Dust Collectors are available + many other types of dust collectors from Ezi-duct. The eCono range of Dust Collectors are made & designed in Australia by Ezi-Duct

June 2015

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