Melbourne timber processor uses Ezi-Duct to custom manufacture ducting manifold and supply Ezi-Duct Modular Steel Ducting for a new 6 head timber molder.

A leading Victoria timber processor used Ezi-Duct to custom manufacture a new ducting manifold for their new 6 head timber molder As not all of the 6 heads are used simultaneously and their dust collector is not very powerful. They requested that Ezi-Duct also supply sealed slide dampers for every Dropper. This enables the customer to close the droppers that are not in use to improve the suction on the droppers that are in use.

The customer was extremely happy with all of Ezi-Ducts products supplied for the job and with Ezi-Duct's customer service.

The range of Ezi-Duct ducting is huge and includes 4 types of ducting clamps, 8 types of ducting dampers, ducting transitions, branch & Y pieces, hanging brackets, weather discharge cowls plus many more ducting products.

Ezi-Duct Modular Steel Ducting simply clamps together saving its customers money by cut-ting down on installation time and features smooth bore pressed bends forimproved airflow.

June 2015

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