Sydney Recycling Company Uses Ezi-Duct For Steam Extraction System

A Large Recycling Company based in Sydney's South Western Suburbs had a requirement with their steam extraction System and they contacted Australia's industry leader Ezi-Duct for their requirements.

Ezi-Duct sent out an experienced team member who designed, supplied and had installed the solution to their steam extraction requirements. The steam Extraction System included Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting.

The system was installed by Xtracted - Dust & Fume Services who is an Ezi-Duct contractor and reseller.

The Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting not only provides the best airflow of any ducting on the market it is manufactured from heavy duty galvanized steel construction. The bends are of smooth pressed construction of 1.5 CLR.

Other advantages of Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting are

  • Companies can cut costs considerably as Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting is so simple, quick and easy to install. Installation time is cut down considerably.
  • Many of Ezi-Ducts customers do the installation in-house, without the need for outside contractors.
  • Dust collection and pneumatic conveying systems can frequently block up so the advantages for using Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting product is long term. As Ezi-Duct ducting simply clams together, the customer can easily pull the system apart for cleaning if block-age occurs.
  • If a company relocates premises, changes it's machinery or expands, the ductwork can be disassembled and reuse again and again in different layouts.

Ezi-Duct is a proud Australian manufacturer and produces its Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting in Australia in one of Ezi-Duct's 3 factories located in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. Ezi-Duct is Australia's leader in the field of Dust Collectors & Fume Extraction Equipment and has the largest range on the market that includes, Dust Collectors, Fume Extractors, Spray Booths, Rotary Valves, Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reels and many more.

Ezi-Duct can custom design and build a dust extraction systems to meet our customers specific requirements. Ezi-Duct have many experienced staff, backed up by qualified Engineers, who can visit your factory for free advice on your dust collection requirements.

April 2017

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