Ezi-Duct launches a new range of portable ventilators

Ezi-Duct, one of the leading suppliers in dust collection, pollution control, fume extraction and pneumatic convening equipment in Australia has released a new range of portable ventilators.

The axial flow fans are designed as a portable unit, which is mounted on rubber feet that can be easily taken to a work site or moved in a factory for the temporary or semi permanent extraction or delivery of air. The entire range of portable ventilators runs on single phase 240 volt power. The portable ventilators are available in sizes from 200 mm dia. rated at 1500 Mtr3/hour to the 450 mm dia model rated at 7500Mtr3/hour.

All Ezi-duct portable ventilators come with 5 Mtr of flexible ducting manufactured from PVC. The flexible ducting easily folds to a small package a fraction of its expanded size for easy storage. Additional flexible ducting can be ordered.

The Ezi-Duct portable ventilator is the perfect economical solution for the extraction of fumes, light airborne dust, welding fumes, odours and hot air from workshops, warehouses, tunnels, building sites and confined areas.

Ezi-Duct portable ventilator is also ideal for positive ventilation of confined areas, underground pits and tunnels, silos, marquees, ships and boats.

Ezi-Duct portable ventilators are available ex-stock for same or next day delivery in many areas of Australia.

21 February 2007

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