Ezi-Duct Releases The "EZI ARM" Fume Arm

Ezi-Duct Pty Ltd ,one of Australia leading companies in the supply of modular ducting, flexible ducting, dust collection equipment & fume collection equipment has recently released a new fume arm onto the market.

Wayne Dockrill, MD of Ezi-Duct Pty Ltd said, " the EZI-ARM is not only the best performing fume arm on the market it is also the most economical to purchase."

The " EZI-ARM" is a self supporting suction arm that is the best technical solution for the extraction of fumes & dust. Its design has no internal obstructions that cause turbulence and snag points. The flexible ducting has been kept to a minimum due to the high friction loss and wear possibilities associated with this product.

Light & anti-spark screen optional

The EZI-ARM has a 3000mm reach and is 150mm in diameter. The EZI-ARM can rotate 360 degrees and is designed with an ease of use principle for the operator. This enables an enormous number of suction hood positions.

Ezi Duct has a range of high quality but economically priced centrifical fans that complement the new EZIARM fume arm.

Wayne Dockrill said “Ezi-Duct has offices and agents that service all of Australia and can provide helpful free advise to customers who whish to modify ,or design and install a new dust of fume collection system". Ezi –Duct carries a large range of products ex-stock at our Auburn manufacturing plant and warehouse .Ezi –Duct also has an office and warehouse in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong.


2 February 2009

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