Ezi-Duct installed for Odour Control at Meat Processing Plant

A large Fume Extraction System using Stainless Steel Ducting was installed at the Cargill Australia Limited Meat Processing Plant located in the NSW North Western city of Tamworth.

The job was carried out by D & C Petrie Fabrications of Narrabri NSW who installed Ezi-Duct P/L Stainless Steel Ducting. The Fume Extraction System was connected to a large Bio Filter.

The Ezi-Duct Stainless Steel Ducting supplied was from 914 mm diameter down to 100 mm diameter and had Stainless Steel Dampers installed from 600 mm diameter down to 100 mm diameter D & C Petrie Fabrications used Ezi-Duct Stainless Steel Ducting joined with Ezi-Duct Stainless Steel Joiners and Ezi-Duct Stainless Steel Ducting Clamps.

They where able to install the system in much less time and the Stainless Steel Ducting Clamps are a fraction of the costs of traditional flanges.

The advantages are long term as the customer can easily pull the system down for cleaning or if a blockage occurs.

Ezi-Duct manufactures and supplies a huge range of Stainless Steel Ducting and Stainless Steel Ducting Clamps to complement their standard range of ex-stock Galvanised Steel Ductwork & Heavy Duty Steel Ductwork.

Ezi Duct is one of the leading suppliers in Dust Collection, Pollution Control, Fume Extraction and Pneumatic Convening Equipment in Australia.

28 February 2007

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