New and Improved Polex MDC S Self Cleaning Shaker Dust Collector

Ezi-Duct is proud to announce a new and improved MDC SDust Collector. The innovative Australian Engineers at PolexEnvironmental Engineering have improved the MDC ShakerDust Collector range. The new models are manufactured from60% thicker material and now operate under negativepressure. They are supplied with a clean air, high efficiencyfan that produces 25-30 % more airflow for the same amountof energy. As all waste is deposited directly into the DustCollectors hopper. This eliminates any "dirty" air ( saw dust orshavings ) from damaging or causing wear on the fansimpeller.

The units are supplied standard with a Rotary ( airlock ) Valve that feeds the collected waste from theDust Collectors Hopper directly into a 3m3 waste bin. The waste bin can be emptied without the DustCollector being turned off by simply turning off the Rotary Valve. This eliminates the need forstopping production in the factory. This equated to big savings in labour costs.All Units are available with a energy saving VSD as an option.

The units are available through all of Ezi-Ducts Branches in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.As Ezi-Duct also supplied the largest range of modular & flexible ducting on the Australian market wecan supply your whole new dust collection system. Call us for more information

August 2013

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