Dust Collection & Fume Extraction System installed in Sydney based cleaning products Manufacturer

A detergent / cleaning products manufacture located in Sydney's south western suburbs recently had Ezi-Duct install a dust collection / fume extraction system into their factory to ensure clean air conditions for their employees.

The Ezi-Duct equipment installed includes a MDC 4000 PC Dust Collector, 4 x Ezi-Arm Self Supporting Fume Arms with hoods. Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting and Ezi-Flex Flexible Ducting. Assorted brackets, weather cowls and other fittings. The MDC 4000 PC Dust Collector is a fully Automatic self cleaning Dust Collector that deposits the waste directly into a storage bin for easy disposal.

The Dust Collector's cartridge filters are Automatically cleaned with a pulse of compressed air. This ensures that the unit will run at maximum efficiency at all times. The unti is fitted with a 5.5kW (7.5 hp) energy saving high efficiency fan. Ezi-Duct's high efficiency fans provide 40% greater airflow than conventional fans saving energy and increasing performance. Unlike many other Dust Collectors, the MDC 4000 PC Dust Collector works under negative pressure so no dirty air of dust goes through the fan.

The Ezi-Duct Ezi-Arm is a self supporting suction arm that is the best technical solution for the extraction of fumes & dust. It's design has no internal obstructions that cause turbulence and snag points. The flexible ducting has been kept to a minimum due to the high friction loss and wear possibilities associated with this product.

The Ezi-Arm comes in 3 models 2.2 mtr, 3.0 mtr and the big 4.6 mtr model. All are 150mm in diameter and are supplied with a wall mounting bracket and damper.

All model Ezi-Arms are carried ex-stock in the 3 Ezi-Duct branches located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The Ezi-Arm can rotate 360 degrees and is designed with an ease of use principle for the operator. This enables for an enormous number of suction hood positions. They are ideal for many applications that include the removal from workers faces of welding fumes, sanding dust, odours and other harmful dust and fumes.

Ezi-Duct is Australia's leader in the field of Dust Collectors & Fume Extraction equipment and has the largest range on the market that includes, Dust Collectors, Fume Extractors, Spray Booths, Rotary Valves, Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reels and many more. Ezi-Duct can custom design and build a dust extraction systems to meet our customers specific requirements. Ezi-Duct can have one of their many experienced staff , who are backed up by qualified engineers ,visit your factory for free advice on your dust collection requirements.

April 2017

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