Ezi-Duct Roof Fans installed at new recycling plant in Sydney's west

When one of Australians leading recycling companies built a new plant in Sydney's Western suburbs they contacted Ezi-Duct for a solution to improve the air quality insidethe building for their employees. In their building they have many large items of equipment operating including a a large diesel powered front end loader that creates fumes & heat.They decided to install 4 high capacity Ezi-Duct Roof Ventilator Fans. The Roof Ventilator Fans are manufactured from Fiberglass to cut down on weight & eliminate the possibilityof corrosion. Each of the powerful Roof Ventilator Fans extract around 50,000 m3/h @ 200 pa and is powered by a 5.5 kW , 3 phase motor. All 4 fans were all installed by a Ezi-Duct in a single day. The recycling plant manager is very happy with the performance of the fans. Wayne Dockrill , M/D of Ezi-Duct said "The Ezi-Duct Roof Ventilator Fans are aquick and simple, low cost solution of reducing the heat and improving the air quality of a factory or building. The Roof Ventilator Fans are very popular in summer so now is agreat time to install them "

August 2013

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