Ezi-Duct new eCono 8000 Dust Collector Installed in Sydney's Northern Beaches Joinery

Ezi-Duct supplied an eCono 8000 Dust Collector with Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting & Ezi-Flex Flexible Ducting to a Joinery works located on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

The budget price but featured packed Dust Collector is the best value for money dust collector on the market. There are now many 100's of happy customers around Australian with these Australian Designed and built Dust Collector units.

The eCono 8000 Dust Collector unit is powered by a powerful 11.0 kW high efficiency fan pro-ducing an airflow of around 8000 m3/h @ 3000 pa. The units 25 filter bags are cleaned every time the unit is switched off by using a shaker system . This ensure that the filter bags are not caked or blocked with dust when the unit is turned on again enabling the unit to run at maximum efficiency.

All waste is directly deposited into 4 large 200L waste bags under the unit. This customers took the option of having a VSD fitted. The VSD or Variable Speed Drive saves the customer a huge amount on their energy costs. If machine connected to the Dust Collection System is not being used the VSD will Automatically lower the High Efficiency Fan's power usage. The Customer is very happy with the unit and saved a lot of money by doing the installation himself. Ezi-Duct is Ezi to install and easy on your budget.

Ezi-Duct is Australia's leader in Dust Collection and Fume Extraction equipment and has factories, warehouses and offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Ezi-Duct works closely with its associated company Polex Environmental Engineering to provide its customers with the best performing and energy efficient equipment at the most economical price.

Jan 2017

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