Ezi-Duct invests in its Auburn factory with updated and additional machinery

Lambert Kitchens is a south Coast manufacturer of top quality kitchens. When they decided to upgrade their Dust Collection System in their Unanderra factory they came to Ezi-Duct. Lambert Kitchens have many machines connected to the system including a CNC point to point router & a large CNC Edge Bander. The Dust Collector was a Polex MDC24000S self cleaning Dust Collector, with Ezi-Duct Modular, Flexible Ducting & a Rotary Valve. The new Dust Collector provides suction upwards of 24000 m3/h @ 3000 pa & the waste is directly dumped into a 3 m3 bin. This equated to big savings labour costs as there is no need to switch the unit off and labour is kept to a minimum when emptying the bin.

The unit is also supplied with a Polex Variable speed Drive Controller or VSD. The VSD is supplied with a pressure transducer that will sense and automatically turn the power consumption of the fan motor down when one or more of the machines is not in use. This equates to big savings on power consumption. Lambert Kitchens is very happy with the performance of the unit, the ducting & the service they received from Ezi-Duct and Polex Environmental Engineering.

Ezi-Duct is Australia's leading supplier of Dust Collection Equipment that includes a huge range of Dust Collectors, Modular Ducting, Flexible Ducting, Fume Arms Fans, Spray Booths + much more. We have branches in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane that carry a large amount of products ex stock.

August 2013

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